Please read the NYTimes article about ePals.

This company already has 15 million students using their software in countries all around the world. We should either market our VoIP program to them for use in their software distribution, or attempt to form a partnership with them.


Welcome to the World Classroom Development Page.

The Links at the top of the page will guide you to Articles explaining our remaining Software Development, Legal, Business Stradegy/Marketing tasks. On the side of the page you also find links to our Mission Statement and to an Administration page.

This website will serve as our main development site for the World Classroom Project. If you have a bit of free time (at work or at night), look on this site for something that needs researching/developing and write a post on what you find. Also, please feel free to edit the Appropriate Page with your Ideas, Comments, and Questions. If you find a site that is relevant to our project, please add it to the Blogroll (under the appropriate Category).

This site should alleviate the need for large e-mail chains, and make it easy for all of us to keep our ideas in one place.

So far our team is Tom MacWright, Caro Rubio, Jason Domark, Christian, Dianira Falk, Brian Falk, Josh Riley, and Anna Mance. I propose that after everyone has had a chance to acquaint themselves with this project and to think of ideas and problems, we should get together over the weekend and discuss.